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Your expensive machinery, equipment and molds can be well maintained and preserved by applying non-stick PTFE coats. Subsequently production increases and maintenance needs drop. We work with textile, food, pharmaceutical, surgical, sports and automotive industries.

Shahvar Industrial Coating has been a recognized name in P.T.F.E./Non-Stick Coatings since 1980 when our founder, Mr. Shahvar, introduced this type of coating in Pakistan. Later we started manufacturing non-stick cookware and household products, when we were licensed coaters of iron plates and sandwich makers for M/s. Philips Electrical Co. of Pakistan Ltd., with Teflon(TM) manufactured by M/s E.I. DuPont de numerous USA. We provide the best quality of product and services for our partners in the industry while maintaining competitive pricing.

We provide PTFE Coating services for the following products

  • Textile sizing rolls / cylinders
  • Textile dyeing & printing cylinders
  • Textile guide & finishing rolls / cylinders
  • Textile denim & finishing cylinders
  • Textile cylinders for chemical treatments of denim clothes
  • Rotary screw compressor rotors
  • Heating plates of blister packaging machines
  • Moulds & dies for easy release of products
  • Electric irons & grills
  • Confectionery and chocolate moulds
  • Cake & Pizza baking trays
  • Iron plates, nut bolts & washer coating
  • Easy release of moulds, dies and rollers for rubber industry
  • Easy release of rubber and eva form moulds, dies and rollers for surgical gloves, tyre, shoes and slipper industry
  • Cutting blades of textile yarn for textile industry
  • heat sealing & cutting blades & bars for textile and packaging industry
  • Any metals requiring non-stick / chemical resistance and properties of PTFE.

We also provide additional pre-treatment services of ‘rust conversion’ before the P.T.F.E. coating process. This restores the mechanical properties of metals that have already been corroded. Then the P.T.F.E. coating prevents it from further rusting.

The various properties of PTFE are mentioned below:

Unique Property Detailed Scope Applications
Non-sticking Solids don’t stick hence easy-release achievable Cookware including pans, industrial air filters, molds
Non-toxic Harmful chemicals do not release, even at high temperatures Food grade coating for bake ware industry
Heat-resistance Maintains properties at very high temperatures Textile rollers and cylinders that have steam passing through it
Chemical resistance Non-reactive so will withstand contact with corrosive chemicals and strong acids Cylinders for storage of acid and chemicals. Liner in pipelines.
Non-wetting Hydrophobic & Oleophobic. Clean-up is easier, more thorough and in many cases self-cleaning In marine industry & construction industry and metals near salt water where rusting becomes a problem
Cryogenic Stability Maintains high strength, toughness and self-lubrication at extremely low temperatures. Aeronautical industry, where temperatures fall very low
Unique electrical properties PTFE has high dielectric strength, a low dissipation factor and very high surface resistivity Wiring, insulator in cables and connector assemblies.

Printed Circuit Boards

Low co-efficient of friction Media slides easily

Used as a lubricant to reduce friction, wear and energy consumption of machinery

Plain bearings, gears, slide plates

Applications in the food industry for non-stick frying pans and cookware are commonly known, however various industries are still being educated regarding the variety of different uses of PTFE coatings. Below is a brief assessment of just a few applications of this type of coating:

Industry Problems Application of PTFE coats


Plastic packaging sticks to molds

Rubber sticks to molds

Pharmaceutical Blister Heating plates & Surgical Glove molds
Home Appliances Burning of food on cooking appliances and sticking of starch and calcium while ironing Fry-pots & pans, sandwich makers, heating trays, iron sole plates
Food Baking Food doesn’t release and collects, production slows down and shape of food product is imperfect Pizza pans, Cake baking trays, biscuit rollers, design molds, potato chip cutters
Textile Cylinders and Rolls come into contact with chemicals. Wear and tear causes scaling and sticking of lint Sizing & drying cylinders, dying, guide & printing rollers, wheels of spinning industries
Sports Molds with chrome plating do not last long in high temperatures Football Bladder molds and other molds
Automotive Plastic sticks to molds

Throttle shafts stick and jam

Auto-part molds


Aerospace Leakage of sealed cryogenic fluids is high Seal for Major Cryogenic Space Systems, wiring, carbon fiber & fiberglass composites (PTFE film)
Nautical Corrosion Marine oil rigs and pipelines

Applying PTFE finishes requires specialized techniques as well as considerable “know-how”. The most well-known and qualified coating service provider in Pakistan is Shahvar Industrial Coatings, which operates on a lean system and outputs a quickly turned over, quality product.

The general process by which PTFE coating is applied is:


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